Why Advantech

We always look to hire the best and never waver from that vision. We hire smart people that will pick up skill, and that’s the way we roll.

We are seeking talented individuals that want to be a part of a growing organization. If you are a top sales performer or know how to build solid relationships with candidates, it might be worth considering a position with Advantech Solutions, Inc.

Here are the top 3 reasons to reach out to us and determine a fit with our team:

  1. The territories for our sales reps are wide open. Most of our growth has been through leadership sales and long term relationships. If you are bound by a limited account base where you are currently working, your income is also capped. Good sales people don’t want to be limited, nor do they want a cap…
  2. Our Recruiting engine is hitting it’s stride. With the addition of Margo Jadzak, we’re taking a full fledge approach to get the most out of our recruiting engine and the client execution. Some companies hire kids out of college to recruit, but we hire skilled professionals that know how to recruit!
  3. We have new office space! We doubled our space and added a bunch of cool colors to warm up the joint. We wouldn’t have expanded if we didn’t plan for growth!

Want to hear more???

Send a low risk email to Margo and tell her that you want to have a 5 minute discussion about what we’re up to. No resume required…

Remember, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Our Recruiting Advantage

As we see it, the process to acquire a person with the right skills is only a small piece of the overall effort to successfully place a candidate.

At ATS, we designed and follow a 40-point workflow where we screen for technical skills, personality and cultural fit, and industry experience.

Our sales team engages at a level that encompasses a complete understanding of what a client needs to provide the best matched candidate. We leave no stone unturned.

Recruiting Process

Download the ATS Recruiting Process Survey Report and learn what hiring managers have to say.

Recruiting Process Download