Why Contract Jobs Are Beneficial

Sep 18, 2014   //   by Julie   //   Blog, IT Candidate, IT Consultants, Job Market  //  No Comments

Contract jobs often times get a bad reputation. When people hear about these openings, they don’t see it as a stable career choice to make. But instead of shying away […]

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The Lost Art of Consultant Care

Mar 13, 2012   //   by Kevin OBrien   //   Blog, IT Consultants  //  No Comments

Consultant Care Model
Many years ago, there was this thing called “Consultant Care”. Those of us that were around in those days recall the dedicated resource that was responsible for consultants on site, as well as care and feeding of the people that help give our companies a good name. The model was such that if your company was big enough, there was a dedicated resource that was solely responsible for making sure that contractors and consultants were receiving the treatment that kept them and the client happy. It was an insurance plan to take care of your personnel and the client satisfaction.

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Recruiting Process

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IT Vendor Selection

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