IT Skills Drought: A Growing Challenge

Feb 19, 2012   //   by Kevin OBrien   //   Blog, Economy, Sourcing, Talent Acquisition  //  No Comments

We’re all starting to feel the crunch of the IT skills shortage for a variety of reasons. At Advantech, we’re seeing this in droves as our clients are screaming for help with staffing in a number of areas across the enterprise. A great opportunity for all staffing firms, but a more pressing issue as a number of converging scenarios are likely to increase the needs as 2012 plays out.

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5 Keys to Building a Successful Candidate Relationship

Jan 24, 2012   //   by Kevin OBrien   //   Blog, Hiring Process, IT Candidate, Sourcing, Talent Acquisition  //  No Comments

We are entering a time where IT is evolving and the candidate supply is becoming more and more scarce. With this challenge comes a frenzy of opportunities that land in each candidate’s lap; giving them a variety of options at any given point. Of course, this quickly becomes a challenging situation for all of the staffing and services firms that are trying to land the best talent.

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Don’t Underestimate the Consultant Code of Conduct

Jan 15, 2012   //   by Kevin OBrien   //   Blog, Hiring Process  //  No Comments

Consultant Code of ConductIt’s not uncommon in our business for our competitors to send off a consultant to a client and let them work away. In the past, on-boarding was a very detailed, methodical process that took 1/2 a day to get consultants acclimated to new life with the company and the client. Now, we see our competitors sending off the new person to the site, on their own, and expecting them to weave their magic and do great things. However, this is a very dangerous model to follow.

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3 Reasons why Hiring Managers Should Provide Feedback

Jan 2, 2012   //   by Kevin OBrien   //   Blog, Hiring Process  //  No Comments

Many buyers of staffing services have commoditized the acquisition of talent. Understandably, this is a requirement when bringing in the masses. There is only so much time departments can spend on reviewing resumes and hiring staff in order to meet the expectations of business. However, there is a flaw in the process that if fixed, may help in the costs associated with hiring new talent. This article will shed new light on why giving feedback to staffing companies may help maximize the return on investment with your vendors.

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