Business Development Manager

At Advantech, we like to look at things in a whole different way. We grew nearly 100% in 2012 and are planing another 50%+ in 2013! 2013 is staged to be a great year and we’ve added some key personnel to help the company build on the success of the past, and the vision for a brighter future. However, what we’re missing are a few members to help round out the team. For starters, the addition of a Business Development Manager would a good place to begin.

So, instead of passing along the typical job description with a bunch of bullets about what it is that we’re looking for, we decided to point out the top 5 reasons why Advantech is a place to be for top sales performers.

Here goes:

  1. The selling territory is WIDE open. Sure, there are a few accounts taken, but we don’t have a staff of 10 reps crowding and fighting for space. We’re a mid-sized company that has been built from the sales leadership of the owner, which leaves the landscape quite ripe for the picking. We are looking for someone to manage accounts in Chicago only, Suburbs only, or BOTH!
  2. We’ve invested in the best tools. New applicant tracking system, new office space, new phone system and so much more! Sales people love tools that help them sell more, and we’ve got those tools.
  3. There’s a marketing department! Ten bucks says that your company doesn’t have one of these… And we’re not talking about a department that can make brochures. We’re talking about a group that can write interesting content, talks to your market and prospects while you sleep, helps generate leads, and builds the awareness of the brand. How nice is that for the sales team?!?!?!? Check out this piece of content for yourself if you don’t believe it: Recruiting Study.
  4. Our recruiting staff is growing. The #1 complaint we hear from sales prospects is “my recruiting staff isn’t filling my orders”. How funny is that? Aren’t sales people trying to make money by getting orders filled??? Well, we don’t have that problem because our focus is on a continuous process to hire and build recruiting capabilities. We’ll never fall short in this area.
  5. We like to have fun. Sure, we work hard and we’re in it to make some extra cash. However, we really have to have some fun, right? We’re a diverse group, but we like to take on new ideas and find ways to giggle a little here and there. No, we can’t say we are all the way where we want to be, but we’re getting closer.

So, are these 5 points enough to claim interest in finding out more? Yes, we also have a job description if you want to see the details. If not, we hope you enjoyed this conversation, will pass it on to a colleague, and encourage you to follow us in the future, either through our (interesting) blog, through Twitter, or through Facebook.

Thanks and come again soon!

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