IT Skills to Have in 2014

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The IT field is rapidly growing and the demand for skilled IT personnel is in high demand. Because the IT field is such a booming industry, having specific skills can be very beneficial in helping you stand out from the crowd. Below is a list of skills that are in high demand for 2014 and what those skills entail:

Business Intelligence/Analyst: A Business Intelligence and Analyst’s main skill is being able to successfully analyze large amounts of data in the market to help companies come up with strategies to boost their profit and increase efficiency. They use the information they gather from analyzing past trends, current conditions, the company’s data and competitors data, and make it applicable to the company they are working for and are able to communicate those trends and observations successfully to the company. Business Intelligence and Analyst can either work as a part of a company, or independently.

Database Administration: The performance of the database will be your biggest responsibility. Depending on what company you want to become a part of, the database admin position can vary depending on that company’s own specific needs. Some of the tasks may include monitoring the security of the database, testing the database, updating the information, and creating query definitions for extraction. There is a big interest in data for 2014 due to the boost of popularity of web-based databases.

Project Management: To be successful at project management in the IT field means that you are able to handle a large amount of tasks and responsibilities at once. You need to be involved in the planning, monitoring, controlling, and execution of various IT projects, and your responsibilities will include being in charge of a broad spectrum of things, such as analyzing, organizing and monitoring various resources for different projects.

Mobile Applications: Take a look through your smart phone, how many apps do you have? All of those apps have been developed by someone working in the IT field. Mobile apps are an extremely lucrative and growing field for smart phone operating systems and IT companies. The increase in demand for apps has put an increase in the demand for this skill, and since this platform is still relatively new to the scene, the demand for talented app developers is very high and is only continuing to grow.

Security Compliance: Cyber security has increased tremendously and has become a top priority due to safety concerns against cyber-attacks. This IT field entails responsibilities such as monitoring systems, security logs and providing updates to these systems, installing new systems and cyber security protection measures, interfacing and developing tests, and making sure to upkeep the confidentiality of all of the data.

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