Reasons to be Thankful in 2012

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Thankful in 2012As we wind down the year and the Holidays start to roll in, we naturally ponder our happenings over the prior 12 months. An active year, no question, but there are a slew of great reasons that we can enter 2013 and be truly excited about what 2012 brought us and why optimism abounds as we venture into 2013.

  1. People are working. In 2012, the growth of the technology market has skyrocketed in our clients and prospects. More and more opportunity has surfaced this year, leading to a higher level of employment for IT workers in and around the Chicagoland area. Even though Kiplinger’s map of job growth in 2012 states Illinois as an average job growth state, we’ve seen a high demand for workers over the course of the entire year.
  2. Pent up Demand is being addressed. Technology changes have slowed over the past decade due to the shrinking and stagnating economy. Many organizations stepped back in their spending, leaving investments and new innovation sidelined. This pent up demand has led to new technology advancement and focus on the next generation of application frameworks, networking and computing. Companies are budgeting for growth and technological investments as a key strategy for 2013.
  3. Charitable Contributions are Strong. Unfortunately, our Country has been struck with our own challenges, with superstorm Sandy being the latest. The one thing that we can always count on is to be a giving nation, both to our own and to the world as a whole. The American Red Cross continues to receive donations in various forms from both individuals and corporations.
  4. “Team” is in full swing. We can’t complete these thoughts without looking in the mirror to see what we’ve done as a company that we can be proud of. Clearly a much smaller scale win for the world, but we thrive on the gratitude we get from all of our new team members we brought on in 2012. Building a core, successful team of recruiters, sales associates and internal staff is a significant challenge in our industry. This year, we expanded our team as a whole and are ecstatic about the chemistry, personalities and culture that they all bring to Advantech Solutions. We are very thankful for each and every one of them and their contribution to the company.

Yes, 2012 was a good year and we’re satisfied looking into the rear view mirror as the final chapter of the year comes to an end. We can only hope that 2013 will provide us with additional reason to be thankful again this time next year.

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