IT Skills Drought: A Growing Challenge

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We’re all starting to feel the crunch of the IT skills shortage for a variety of reasons. At Advantech, we’re seeing this in droves as our clients are screaming for help with staffing in a number of areas across the enterprise. A great opportunity for all staffing firms, but a more pressing issue as a number of converging scenarios are likely to increase the needs as 2012 plays out.


  • Jobs moved off shore are coming back. There are a few reasons this is happening: crackdown on immigration and equalization of global labor costs.
  • Companies are screening based on current employment. A new trend has companies stating that they aren’t willing to hire people that are currently unemployed. Through the downsizing over the past few years, most companies have trimmed fat to a point where they feel that the lower performing employees have been cleansed from organizations. Most companies believe that what’s left in the market are these individuals and aren’t willing to hire other company’s individuals that have been a part of reductions. As a result, talent pools are shrinking.
  • The technology bubble is about to burst. Because companies have been on the sidelines with new technology investments for such a long time, maintaining current applications and infrastructure has been the primary focus; and with fewer resources. However, the speed at which technology is changing   in the mobile applications space has increased. The requirements and needs of the business has moved to mobility, and enterprise IT needs to quickly adapt in order to  stay competitive. This demand continues to move fast and finding resources to fill the gaps is a huge challenge.
  • Pent up demand is now funded. With companies filling the coffers with cash in order to increase shareholder value, organizations are sitting on piles of money to spend on talent and projects. In the first few weeks of the new year, resource requests have skyrocketed beyond previous years activity, mainly because markets have turned and resource constraints have been lifted.

In conjunction with thousands of baby boomers retiring on a daily basis, the demand for resources will continue to grow. A great opportunity exists in 2012 that will increase the market share of staffing and professional services companies that are poised to expand. Recruiting expertise will be king and those companies that have the best access to talent will have record growth.

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