Don’t Underestimate the Consultant Code of Conduct

Jan 15, 2012   //   by Kevin OBrien   //   Blog, Hiring Process  //  No Comments

Consultant Code of ConductIt’s not uncommon in our business for our competitors to send off a consultant to a client and let them work away. In the past, on-boarding was a very detailed, methodical process that took 1/2 a day to get consultants acclimated to new life with the company and the client. Now, we see our competitors sending off the new person to the site, on their own, and expecting them to weave their magic and do great things. However, this is a very dangerous model to follow.

We all know that people are very different. They come in all shapes and sizes, and have very different expectations for how they can act, how they can talk and how they can dress. Unfortunately, not everyone subscribes to the same beliefs regarding conduct in a professional environment. For this very reason, it’s important not to underestimate the code of conduct.

At ATS, we believe in a certain value system that drives the code of conduct for all employees and contractors. Even though a slim majority of people know how to act in a professional environment, it’s important that the rules are clear, concise and documented. When we’re dealing with people, we can’t take anything for granted. There are stacks and stacks of stories that we can all recite about that “consultant” that did this “thing” on site, ultimately getting them booted from the client. The stories are endless.

In the end, it’s a reputation that is on the line and that reputation is ours as a service provider of people. If we don’t make sure that the rules are clear, we’re taking a risk that may be too big of a risk to take.

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