3 Reasons why Hiring Managers Should Provide Feedback

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Many buyers of staffing services have commoditized the acquisition of talent. Understandably, this is a requirement when bringing in the masses. There is only so much time departments can spend on reviewing resumes and hiring staff in order to meet the expectations of business. However, there is a flaw in the process that if fixed, may help in the costs associated with hiring new talent. This article will shed new light on why giving feedback to staffing companies may help maximize the return on investment with your vendors.

Before getting started, we need to be certain that we clarify a few things: we know that it is impossible to provide feedback on every resume and every interview. However, it is important that some time is taken to provide some form of feedback, even if it is just a snippet of data.

Here are 3 items hiring managers should take into consideration when NOT giving feedback to their vendors.

  1. WILL THEY GET IT RIGHT THE NEXT TIME? By not giving feedback, will the top vendors really understand why the candidate wasn’t a fit? There is an argument that states that by not giving feedback, they may take more time in reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates that are not a fit. A 30 second email may make a world of difference.
  2. AM I BEING A TRUE PARTNER? True partners have open lines of communications. When there is no feedback on why someone didn’t pass the interview, the communication is a one way street. If the hiring manager wants to get the most out of their vendors, they need to invest in a few minutes after the vendor works hard for them.
  3. AM I MISSING SOMETHING? By providing feedback, there is a chance that the hiring manager is missing something. Resumes can be misconstrued, or interviews may go in the wrong direction. Giving feedback may uncover something that was missed by both parties. It’s worth the time to provide a few seconds of feedback especially if the market is tight and good candidates are hard to come by.

So, Hiring Manager: take a few seconds. It may be a laborious process, but the investment will more than pay for itself in the long run. Your vendors will love you for it and will work that much harder on getting you the talent you seek.

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